Furniture with passion

We produce every single table by hand, making it unique in its kind and offering the customer the opportunity to choose sizes and finishes as he wishes. 

We essentially use solid wood, because while plywood and chipboard furniture have a relatively short life, scratches and other abrasion damage on solid wood furniture can be easily removed with a subsequent surface treatment, so as to obtain an almost unique piece of furniture. 

 The direct sale from our factory allows us to have unbeatable prices without compromising on quality.

Perche' scegliere un nostro tavolo

The Price

By selling our tables directly we can get unbeatable prices. We are sure that if you do a web search for the "solid wood table", or "extendable solid wood table" you will not find a better price!

Tavolo legno cucina salotto scortecciato


All our tables are made only with hard essences such as oak, ash and walnut, which unlike low-quality furniture produced with soft woods such as fir, pine, lime, guarantee their solidity, stability and resistance to scratches and barrel .

Solid wood

While plywood and chipboard furniture have a relatively short life - edges and / or screws come off easily - and must be disposed of as hazardous waste, scratches and other abrasion damage can, on solid wood furniture be removed with a subsequent treatment of the surface, so as to obtain an almost "new" piece of furniture.

Tavolo legno cucina salotto scortecciato


All our tables are applied to the back of the bars and milled to dampen the tension of the wood and make it stable over time. This is an indispensable procedure to make a table resistant to the thermal shocks that occur inside homes.

Some of our offers

Details make perfection

Attention to detail, refinement, the search for the highest quality and beauty are the main factors that characterize our work.

Craftsmanship of each product

To create our furniture, we start from the raw material, of value and quality, worked with 'respect' and wisdom by our craftsmen according to the old ancient traditions, without the use of mechanical tools and industrial machinery that work the various pieces in series.

Uniqueness of each of our products

In every single table we manually highlight the characteristics of the wood making it a unique piece of furniture.

Our products


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