Furniture made with passion

No material matches the appeal of timber for the way it brings nature into our homes. Unlike glass, stone, plastic or metal, timber is a living material. Elements of its life can be seen in the colour the texture of the surface and pattern of the grain.

   As a result no two pieces of timber are the same, and therefore, no two Wood Design dining tables even if they are made exactly the same way in the same design are the same. Thus every single  table or shelve produced by Wood Design is truly a unique one-off.   

   At Wood Design, each piece of furniture is created and made to order especially for you from initial design to final hand polishing.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail, refinement, research of the highest quality and beauty are the main factors that characterize our work.

Every product is handmade

To make our furniture, we start from the raw material, of value and quality, worked with "respect" and wisdom by our craftsmen according to the old ancient traditions, without the use of mechanical tools and industrial machinery that work the various pieces in series.

Uniqueness of each of our products

In each table we highlight manually the characteristics of the wood making it a unique piece of furniture

Our Products

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